Since 2012, investment in AI/ML startups has risen exponentially…However, there are few examples of “AI-first” companies that will become household names…Many should be skeptical to whether “AI-first” startups will create the next $10B+ foundational companies…The most successful startups who are in many respects, “AI-first,” don’t label themselves… They understand the most critical problems are not technology problems, but anthropology problems.[…]

Finding power-law returns is difficult in today’s consolidating market (GAFA). GAFA has massive distribution along with deep moats…Historically, top-down predictions of the future are incorrect…Predicting the future is less about prediction. Instead, it’s more clearly understanding the present and anticipating[…]

Many have argued that non-fungible tokens (NFTs) and digital goods within gaming will power the mass adoption of Crypto….The real concerns to gaming and NFTs are more fundamental…While NFTs seem to be attractive in theory, in the real world gaming industry, it is less so. Small-game fallacies occur when people apply game-theoretic or microeconomic techniques to real-world problems.[…]

For many in Silicon Valley, “Made in China 2025” is promising. China understands the vision of innovation. The corollary to vision is execution. Are China’s prevailing system and institutional framework conducive to innovation?…China has a classic Innovator’s Dilemma. What’s worked in the past will not work for the future. It needs to cannibalize its strategy and transition.[…]

“What is your greatest liability, how can it be an asset?”…Strengths often have corresponding weaknesses. There is a yin/yang relationship. If you mitigate a weakness and play towards other people’s strengths instead of yours, you eliminate an asymmetric upside that was unique to you…Be your best self. No one can do it better than you.[…]