Significant Update/Changes to newyuanarchives

Mentioned in my "Welcome!," I started the blog for three reasons. Inspired by those who I look up in the field and their blogs...Marc Andreessen, Fred Wilson, Bill Gurley, Sam Altman, Alex Ohanian, Chris Dixon and so many more. Out of request from some new friends I was meeting at Hackathons to sort of write… Continue reading Significant Update/Changes to newyuanarchives

Unblocking the Block to Decentralization (2/2 Discontinued)

The central purpose of the first part of this series was to summarize the basics of Blockchain/Cryptocurrency hype as it relates to Decentralization (why decentralization is important) and its significance to the Internet’s evolution. The three key takeaways of the first post— The Internet was built with decentralized protocols that ironically brought about centralized system—which… Continue reading Unblocking the Block to Decentralization (2/2 Discontinued)

Unlocking the Block to Decentralization (Discontinued 1/2)

 "Unlocking the Block to Decentralization" will consists of two parts:  The first part discusses the basic "Ws" and significance of Blockchain technology. The second part frames Blockchain technology within more particular tangible use cases and "the future." Due to its complexity, it will divided into two parts. Recently, the wild rise in popularity of Bitcoin and… Continue reading Unlocking the Block to Decentralization (Discontinued 1/2)

How 2 Seed a Plant: Errors in the New Introduction Thesis (Discontinued 1/3)

 These posts are organized in a note format. The third post will be in a more "formatted" post. If you take interested in this trilogy, I urge you to skim this post—look at the questions and formulate your own.Con Unrelated but very important! When there is so much information in the world/book etc., I think it… Continue reading How 2 Seed a Plant: Errors in the New Introduction Thesis (Discontinued 1/3)

Network Effects—A Complex System Squared

“Ultimately, we’re all social beings, and without one another to rely on, life would be not only intolerable but meaningless. Yet our mutual dependence has unexpected consequences, one of which is that if people do not make decisions independently — if even in part they like things because other people like them — then predicting… Continue reading Network Effects—A Complex System Squared