My name is Kyle Yuan. I’m 18 years old and taking some time off from school.

I manage a seed fund, Mintian Capital, that supports relentlessly resourceful and intellectually rigorous Entrepreneurs with missionary zeal. I also run a multi-strat fund that focuses on securities and cryptoassets. Both funds are internally backed.

I spend most of my time in NYC and working with my active investments per Mintian Capital. So you might find me in SF and Boston too. Mintian Capital is aggressively making investments in A+ Entrepreneurs and also looking for A+ teammates to join our portfolio companies. Contact me if you’re interested.

I write essays related to topics and sub-topics in Investing and Entrepreneurship. These essays appear in our Mintian Medium publication. However, I have chosen to also write on my domain—newyuanarchives—as well.

Follow me on Twitter. Here are my threads.