Significant Update/Changes to newyuanarchives

Mentioned in my “Welcome!,” I started the blog for three reasons.

  1. Inspired by those who I look up in the field and their blogs…Marc Andreessen, Fred Wilson, Bill Gurley, Sam Altman, Alex Ohanian, Chris Dixon and so many more.
  2. Out of request from some new friends I was meeting at Hackathons to sort of write “basic” things on tech.
  3. Documentation of my “infinite learning curve.”

It is odd to a major update to the blog given the lack of substantial audience and age, albeit it has been humbling to see people I do not know follow this blog. Really cool.

But as I more seriously develop my own proper fund, sitting down to write topics on more “introductory posts” for only a few—I know, selfish—is difficult as I intend to dedicate my time/focus/energy on my own ventures. Plus, I need to learn constantly too and while writing the posts before this update has been rewarding, the writing I am doing as it pertains to this is not as efficient and focused to what my effective goals are at the moment.

I read a lot, and most of what has been posted here is elementary and not new; they are also inspired from the articles or books I am reading. To more efficiently share knowledge or communicate something important to friends or those in the community—I have been obsessed with Medium recently—I text or share them articles anyways.

People seem more interested too on what I read when I meet them, so I think I’ll focus on that at the moment. So,

I will create a Twitter and Quora which will be a place where I can easily share what I’m thinking/reading/more. An “instant blog.” Most of my closest friends do not use twitter and definitely not Quora…Ironically, this will be new for me. As for Quora, my writing will be nuanced in nature—specific to a question.

I will use this blog to upload some notes/ideas of what I”m thinking. This is very uncurated and will be straight from my Evernote.

I’ll democratize some of my research projects and investment ideas for my own fund.


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