Welcome to the [newyuanarchives]​

My name is Kyle Yuan. I’m 18 years old and taking some time off from school.

I manage a seed fund, Mintian Capital, that supports relentlessly resourceful and intellectually rigorous Entrepreneurs with missionary zeal. I now casually make investments in securities and crypto assets inspired by a variety of strategies.

I spend most of my time in NYC and SF working with my current investments per Mintian Capital. Mintian Capital is aggressively making investments in A+ people and also looking for equally A+ people to join our portfolio companies.

I write posts primarily focused on philosophy, technology, strategy, investing, and decision-making. I write them for my own clarity and to make all my thoughts more accessible.

I’ll also be publishing on other mediums, and you might have a first look at those editorials here. I hope this blog will be something special.

You can follow me on Twitter @kylecyuan. Feel free to drop me a line at

kyleyuan at mintiancap dot com.