How I Make Seed Investments.

I have yet to discuss on this blog my trading and investing philosophy. The reason is that my last trade was in August and I’m taking a long break from financial markets. I’m fully committed to helping build transformative, legendary technology companies.

I was recently asked, how do I make venture investments? I feel like I should have some direct answer to this in my blog. Here’s my abstract answer.

  1. Great founder with a comparative advantage in a great market.
  2. A scalable product/business model that transforms the market with accumulating competitive advantages to be an enduring market leader.
  3. An innovative and compelling go-to-market strategy that efficiently and effectively creates and captures value in the target market and can eventually move upstream to adjacent markets.

I can probably unpack these planks in a separate post. But together, the planks form a “Lollapalooza Effect” that can potentially create lightning in the bottle.