My name is Kyle and I have started this blog as a senior at the Collegiate School in NYC. I will most likely be joining Cornell University Class of 2022. For most of my high school years, I was a successful national debater, history academic with Asian American studies, and public investor—mostly with stocks, and getting lucky.

Raising some money from my parents, along with my own money saved from mostly Christmas gifts, I started investing (more so playing with no clear methodology) stocks in Middle School and generated outsized returns.

I was always interested in “tech.” Now, I have decided to elevate such interest by starting (https://mintiancap.com) aligned with how I think about Entrepreneurship and the future of the world; I am fortunate also to receive backing from my father, particularly for accreditation purposes.

To keep this post terse, I have decided to start the “newyuanarchives” for three reasons:

  1. I was inspired by the legacy of the pmarca archives; I was only 7 when Marc Andreessen ended it. But Marc Andreessen, Sam Altman, Chris Dixon, Mark Suster, Bill Gurley, Fred Wilson, and Alex Ohanian and many others (only to name a few) with their blogs have been influential in how I have approached what “tech/venture/world” is—both analytically and emotionally. I am a strong believer in self-education. While my parents have had success in their respective fields, and relatives having tremendous fortune in tech entrepreneurship, my closest friends and family I live with are not surrounded by  deep networks or connections in tech or VC. To obsessively learn and retain what there is to know, and continue to do so, the accessibility of information (from the technical elements of UI/UX design with code to venture protocols) have been vital for my process of self-education. The a16z podcasts, Masters of Scale, Greylock’s lectures were phenomenal ways to accelerated and lay foundations to my learning. I believe in paying it forward. I hope I can one day. I have started this blog out of request of some engineering friends I met recently who want to see how I write and think about things.
  2. I think Radical Transparency is valuable in an obviously increasingly connected and globalized world. I will aim to be as transparent with how I think, act, and work.
  3. I love the idea of, as Reid Hoffman notes, an “infinite learning curve.” This blog may document my “learning curve” or experiences, and hopefully there will be something to document.

-Kyle Yuan